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Effortless Skin Ratings and Reviews
Price Range:
Skin Type/Area:
Product Type:
Age Intervention Gentle Cleanser - 119ml
Barrier Balm - 60ml
C-ESTA Cleansing Gel - 237ml
Gentle Silky Cleanser - 150ml
Hyal Ceutic - 40ml
Post Peel Quick Recovery Face Cream - 30ml
Pure Hydration - 30ml
Recovery Complex - 60ml
Sensitive Skin Cleanser - 6oz
Skin Zyme Mask - 57g
360° Airgel SPF 50+ - 60ml
360° Fluid Cream SPF 50+ - 50ml
Advance Hydrating Cream - 60g
Body Moisturising Lotion - 200ml
Breathable Foundation - 15ml
Calm Serum - 30ml
Cicalfate Cream - 40ml
Cleanser - 150ml
Cleansing Complex
Control Tactics Daily Sensitive Skin Gel-60ml
Cooler Roll
Coverage UVP 50+
Cucumber Recovery Mask - 50ml
Deep Cleanser - 200ml
Deep Repair Balm - 15ml
Dermacirculation Formula - 30ml
Don't Be So Sensitive PostProcedure Cleanser-177ml
Epidermal Repair - 40ml
Essential Recovery Kit
Extremely Gentle Cleanser - 200ml
Family Remedy
Hydrating B5 - 30ml
IGF Dermal Matrix MicroGel - 30ml
IPlase Mask - 30ml
K Ceutic - 30ml
Marini BioShield - 57g
Medical Barrier Cream
Milky Lotion Cleanser - 170ml
Organic Universal Mask - 100ml
Oxygenating Moisturiser
Physical Sunscreen - SPF30 - 90ml
Post Procedure Recovery Kit
Post-Aesthetix Cream - 30ml
Professional Skin Care Emulsion - 30ml
Redness Neutralizer - 50ml
Regen Ceutic - 40ml
Renewal Cream - 30g
Rich Skin Recovery Cream - 50ml
Sheald Recovery Balm - 60g
Silkcoat Balm - 1.7oz
Skin Barrier Repair Kit
Skin Calming Aloe Gel - 100ml
Skin Calming Primer SPF 20 - 30ml
Skin Recovery Cream - 50ml
Skin Repair - 60g
Soft Cleanser - 200ml
Stand By Cream C5 - 30ml
Travel and Try Kit
Ultimate Recovery - 30ml
Ultra Mild Cleanser - 180ml
Vit E Anti-Oxydant - 50ml
WOW Mask - 5 Sheets

The period following a cosmetic or medical procedure is an important one for the skin, as this is the time when it can recover and heal properly so that it can return to its original healthy state. Although the skin is designed to regenerate itself on a regular basis, a little helping hand is sometimes needed which is where your skin care comes in.

Post-procedure skin care is vital to ensure that the skin heals successfully, especially when scarring has occurred.

Following a procedure like a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser treatment the skin might look inflamed and feel sore so you need to use gentle, soothing products to ensure that delicate skin doesn’t become damaged beyond repair.

Hydration is important for post-procedure skin in order to keep it healthy and supple which ensures that the skin can heal itself properly. Redness and inflammation is also a problem following a cosmetic procedure so look for products that include soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile to help reduce the severity of angry looking skin. If you have scarring following a procedure then scar gels that are silicone based will help to protect the delicate skin while it heals by forming a protective barrier to keep out bacteria and other skin irritants.

Additionally make-up that cares for the skin as it conceals is also important, especially if you don’t want to avoid going out following a procedure. Our selection includes concealing products designed for sensitive skins that also provide amazing coverage to hide scars, redness and uneven pigmentation.

We have a wide selection of recovery creams, moisturisers and scar gels from some of our top brands like Medik8 and Jan Marini alongside gentle concealing make-up from Inno-Derma and Coverblend for a complete post-procedure skin regime.