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Reduce Puffy Eyes & Fine Lines

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Advanced Eye Contour - 15ml
Age Defence Firming Eye Serum - 15ml
Age Defying Eye Cream - 15ml
Age Intervention Eye Cream - 14g
Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes - 15ml
Age Reform Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for Eyes - 15ml
Age Reform Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF30 - 30ml
Age Reverse Eye Contour - 15g
Age-Correction Eye Contour - 30ml
Age-Defying Eye Care System
All Eyes On You
Anti Wrinkle Fine Line Reducing Formula - 14.25ml
AOX+ Eye Gel - 15ml & FREE Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF30 - 10ml
Bee Venom Eye Serum - 8ml
Brightening Bionic Eye Creme PLUS - 15g
Brightening Eye Serum - 10ml
C Evolutive Eye Gel - 30ml
C Eye Serum Advance + - 15ml
C Scape High Potency Eye Treatment - 15ml
C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate - 14g
Contour Eye Lift - 15ml
Contour Radieux Smoothing and Reviving Eye Mask - 30ml
C-Vit Eye Contour Patches - 5 pairs
Cyto Luxe Eye Serum - 17ml
Day Cream - 50ml
DePuffing Eye Serum - 6ml
Environmental Shield Instant Radiance Eye Cream - 15ml
Evolutive Eye Cream - 30ml
Expertise Age Contour Intense Youth Eye Cream - 15ml
Eye & Lip Contour - 15ml
Eye and Lip Contour Cream - 15ml
Eye Authority - 15ml
Eye Boto Line Complex - 15ml
Eye Contour C5 - 30ml
Eye Cream - 15g
Eye Lift Firming Treatment - 30ml + 40 pads
Eye Mask - 6 pieces
Eye Restore - 17ml
Eye Wonder - 10ml
Eyelift - 15ml
Eyerix Cream - 15ml
Eyerix Cream For Men - 15ml
Eyes - 15ml
Filler Treatment
Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate - 15ml
FullFill - 15ml
GF Eye Serum - 15ml
High Potency Eye Cream - 15ml
Hydr8 Eye 360 SPF30 - 15ml
Hydr8 Night Eye - 15ml
Hydrating Eye Complex - 15g
Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels - 8 Pairs
Icelandic Relief Eye Cream - 14g
Icelandic Relief Eye Pen - 3.97g
Instant Eye Lift - 14ml
Intense Anti-Aging Eye Serum - 20ml
Intensive Eye Treatment Pads - 4 Pairs
Intensive Serum W - 15ml
Intensive Serum-P - 15ml
Lumafirm Eye Contour Lift + Glow - 15ml
Menopause Vitality Eye Serum - 12ml
Nano Eye Lift - 10ml
On-The-Go Glow
Peptide Plus Eye Treatment - 15ml
Peptide Repair Eye Cream - 15ml
PhysioLift Eyes - 15ml
Pionniere XMF Reset Eye Fluid - 15ml
Placenta Eye Gel - 8ml
Rejuvenate Eye Gel - 15ml
Renewal Eye Cream - 15g
Reparative Eye Gel Complex - 15ml
Replenishing Masque - 120ml
Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream - 15ml
Reti Age Eye Contour Gel - 15ml
Retinol Eye TR - 10ml
Revitaleyes - 15ml
Reviving Eye Mask – 4 x 3g
Rollaway the Years Eye Serum - 10ml
Saving Face Kit
Silky Eye Renewal Cream - 30ml
Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy - 15ml
Smoothing Eye Serum - 15ml
Soothing Eye Contour Cream - 10ml
SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum - 15ml
Super Eye Serum - 30ml
Tensage Radiance Eye Contour - 15ml
Timeless Eye Contour - 30ml
Total Eye Maintenance - 15ml
Transformation Eye Cream - 14g
Ultra Restorative Creme - 50g
Under-Eye Illuminator - 15ml
Uplift Eye - 15ml
Vital Eye Cream - 0.5oz
WOW Eyes - 16g
Youth Contour Smoothing Eye & Lip Cream - 15ml
Youth Eye Complex - 15ml

About Fine Lines & Puffiness:

As the skin around the eyes is much thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face, it is prone to showing the signs of ageing first. Most people fall into one of two camps when it comes to ageing around the eyes; they either suffer with dark circles or fine lines coupled with puffiness.

Fine lines are due to a drop in collagen production within the skin which is a by-product of ageing. To address fine lines or ‘crow’s feet’ look to ingredient rich eye creams and treatments to boost collagen levels and plump the skin.

If puffy skin is more of a concern then the focus switches to eye creams that tighten, lift and smooth. If you tend to wake up with puffiness underneath the eyes then a cooling eye gel could be more suitable, as these soothe and lift tired skin to reduce the severity of puffiness. Products that contain antioxidants and vitamins can also help to strengthen the skin while providing some protection from damaging free radicals that are found in UV rays, cigarette smoke and pollution.

When applying your eye cream or gel, use your ring finger to gently pat the product into the skin. Remember not to use too much as a large amount of product can overwhelm the delicate skin around the eye and prevent it from being absorbed correctly. Alternatively you can opt for products that come with a rollerball applicator, which feels particularly refreshing when used around the eyes each morning before applying your make-up.

Our selection of cosmeceutical eye creams, gels and treatments includes some of the finest solutions from top brands like Exuviance, SkinMedica and iS Clinical to considerably improve the appearance of skin around the eyes.