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DCL® Skin Care Products

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About DCL:

DCL Skincare was founded in 1980 with a simple goal; to develop the highest quality non-prescription skin care products that dermatologists could recommend to their patients with confidence.

Since then, DCL have continued to work with experienced and trusted scientists, chemists and dermatologists to develop innovative and effective products using only the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The comprehensive range of topical products allows you to find the ideal solution for your skin concern; whether that is treating delicate skin post-procedure, preventing premature ageing, controlling acne or minimising uneven pigmentation. Their impressive line includes a wide variety of options, from cleansers and exfoliating toners to serums and SPFs, allowing you to either build a complete skin care routine from scratch or to pick and choose products to address specific needs as and when they arise.

Glycolic Acid, peptides and essential vitamins such as potent forms of Vitamin C, feature heavily in a number of DCL products. Stand out products include; the Peptide Plus Eye Treatment (which features a blend of multi-functional and targeted peptides to address puffiness, under eye darkness and fine lines), the AHA Oily Skin Solution 8 (an exfoliating toner that removes dead cells and debris from blocked pores), the Vitamin Infusion (a powerful antioxidant complex designed to increase collagen synthesis and repair the signs of premature ageing) and the Glycolic Acid Pads (giving skin an at-home mini peel for all-round skin rejuvenation).

For superior performance and exceptional results, look no further than DCL Skincare to update your routine.