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LA Science Shampoo and Serum

Follicle Stimulating Shampoo and Anti Hair Loss ProductsRead More

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About LA Science:

Lifestyle Aesthetics (LA) Science was founded in 2005 by healthcare professionals and experts who wanted create a range of products focused on treating hair loss in both men and women. People often assume that hair loss only affects men, but the truth is it can affect women too regardless of age.

Although the most common cause of thinning hair or hair loss is hereditary, they can be triggered by many additional factors like poor diet, too much stress, trauma, environmental pollution and by certain medications. Women can also suffer from a degree of hair loss following child birth as the oestrogen levels return to normal. Hair becomes thicker during pregnancy so once the hormone levels regulate themselves, this unwanted hair falls out.

If you treat hair loss at the onset you stand a better chance of retaining your hair. LA Science have developed two clinically proven hair loss products that work to extend the growth phase of the hair cycle and promote stronger, healthier looking hair whilst conditioning the scalp.

Using a blend of peptides, LA Science products help to significantly improve the rate of hair growth by increasing the strength of existing hair follicles and boosting blood circulation to the roots. Additional ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Keratin and Glycerin boost moisture levels in the hair and smooth it so it remains soft and silky.

For the best results, use both the Anti-Hair Loss Serum and the Follicle Shampoo. Use the serum twice a day and the shampoo every time you wash your hair for thicker, healthier looking hair.