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The Genuine Dermaroller Home Care Skin Rejuvenation System has been designed to improve the appearance of sun damaged and ageing skin. It can be used to complement Genuine Dermaroller in clinic treatments or as a stand alone home care product.

Genuine Dermaroller works by stimulating the epidermis and enhancing the penetration of skincare products; the result is smoother, younger, brighter, healthier looking skin.

The Genuine Dermaroller HC9 device works by stimulating epidermal skin cells to release growth factors which aid cell renewal. It also stimulates collagen production resulting in thicker, plumper looking skin. The tiny needle tunnels created by the dermaroller stay open for several minutes and allow subsequently applied skin care products to be absorbed into the skin which can improve their effectiveness.

In addition to the HC9 device, Genuine Dermaroller also have a range of cosmeceutical grade skin care products that can be used in conjunction with Dermaroller therapy or as stand alone products including:

Lipopeptide & Vitamin A Serum

Contains high concentrations of Vitamin A along with Vitamin E to boost skin enhancement, moisturise, protect and hydrate the skin.

Cool Mask

Intensively hydrates skin that is prone to dryness.

Beauty Mouse

Genuine Dermaroller specifically designed for the body.

Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules

Hydrates the skin whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.