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The Spoiled Mama

Pregnancy-Safe Skincare for Hyperpigmentation & Stretch Marks

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The Spoiled Mama has landed in the UK with a range of highly effective, natural products that target common skin concerns that occur during and post pregnancy, such as Hyperpigmentation (pregnancy mask), adult acne and stretch marks.

Formulated specifically for pregnant and post-partum women, The Spoiled Mama range uses organic, natural ingredients that are free from parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and petroleum derivatives.

Each product has been rigorously tested and deemed safe for use during pregnancy due to the toxin-free ingredients used in their formulations. Yet, these ingredients are very effective in treating the appearance of Hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and acne-prone skin.

30 botanical ingredients are used in every Spoiled Mama product and help improve the appearance of stretch marks, pigmented skin, skin tone and texture, and help maintain levels of moisture within the skin.

Our favourites are the Dew Luxe Moisturiser for Melasma (mask of pregnancy), the Tummy Butter for stretch marks and the Aloe & Cucumber Leg Gel which helps soothe tired, swollen feet and legs and helps in the rejuvenation and circulation of them as well. Possibly one of the must-have products for any new mums who are breastfeeding is the Fix That Sucker Nipstick (great name!), a 100% organic breastfeeding salve that is applied to the nipples to help heal and relieve cracked and sore nipples.

The Spoiled Mama range of pregnancy-safe skincare products is a leading brand in the USA. When you try the products we think you’ll understand why.