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About Yllume:

Yllume is dedicated to the treatment of Hyperpigmentation. With 5 skin brightening and lightening skincare products, Yllume contains both topical and oral skincare that helps tackle Melasma, dark patches, age spots, sun spots, dark acne scarring, freckles and general Hyperpigmentation.

The exclusive ingredient within the Yllume range, PhytoflORAL, contains a high concentration of safe, active skin brightening ingredients that leave a more even and brighter skin tone. Yllume products also contain colourless carotenoids which are naturally derived from Mediterranean white tomatoes and help to balance the production of Melanin whilst protecting against free radicals. Other benefits include an anti-inflammatory effect which aids in the healing of wounds and a reduction in the appearance of any existing Hyperpigmentation.

All Yllume products are Hydroquinone-free and are also free of any ingredients that are potential irritants such as Arbutin.

Yllume skincare has shown a 64% improvement in skin lightening, a 73% improvement in the acne scars and a 70% improvement in the appearance of pore size.

If you suffer from Hyperpigmentation, an Yllume skincare regime will help brighten and even out skin tone leaving you with glowing, smooth, balanced skin.