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Skin Care for Darker Skin Tones

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One of the only cosmeceutical companies that specifically creates topical treatments for Asian and black skins, PharmaClinix premium skin care offer a reliable catalogue of proven acne, ageing and hyperpigmentation solutions.

Founded in 2006, PharmaClinix products are formulated to cater for darker skin tones, addressing their particular concerns with a more targeted approach. Unlike Caucasian skin, darker skin tones tend to have a greater number of sebaceous glands and a thicker epidermis, meaning cases of acne are common. If not treated properly, these breakouts can worsen and lead to post-inflammatory pigmentation, creating an unevenly darkened complexion which can prove distressing for sufferers.

To help combat this, PharmaClinix employ a number of high strength topical formulations which are encased within a special Nano-liposomal delivery system to ensure each ingredient passes through a thickened epidermis and reaches the lower layers of the skin, making them more effective at improving the quality of the skin at the surface.

The range also includes a number of high factor sunscreens to help shield against UV damage and prevent the overproduction of melanin, which is also more common amongst Asian skins, while offering a number of additional topical solutions to treat everything from fine lines and wrinkles to cellulite, stretch marks and scarring.

Great for both men and women, PharmaClinix products are the ideal next step for those unhappy with the results of their current skin care routine or for those who have recently undergone an in-clinic treatment and want products to help maintain the positive effects at home.