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About skinChemists:

If it’s innovative, effective and unique skin care you are looking for then skinChemists have the range for you. They have been formulating industry-defining topical solutions in the UK since 2011 and have since introduced the industry and customers to powerful ingredients such as Syn-ake, Bee Venom and Placenta Extract, which form the basis of many of their most popular products.

The Wrinkle Killer range is formulated with Syn-ake, a powerful peptide that mimics the muscle paralysing effects of venom taken from the Temple Viper, to freeze wrinkles and erase fine lines.

The Bee Venom range uses real yet ethically sourced Bee Venom and Manuka Honey to increase circulation and collagen production in order to firm and plump the skin while providing intense levels of hydration.

The Wild Caviar range contains a nutrient-rich blend of extracts from fish roe, caviar and seaweed to revitalise dull skin and tackle a number of ageing concerns.

The Placenta range uses ethically sourced placenta extracted from Argentinian Bovine for its powerful rejuvenation properties. This substance is packed with natural amino acids and growth factors which encourage the production of collagen and elastin within ageing skin.

The COLDTOX range is formulated with a ground-breaking blend of Snow Algae, Glacier Water and Marine Collagen to cool, tighten, plump and invigorate lacklustre skin.

The Botanicals range uses a potent blend of natural extracts and oils to provide effective yet non-irritating anti-aging solutions for all skin types.

From cleansers and face masks to serums and moisturisers, skinChemists have the solution to your skin’s ageing concerns.