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About Cutagenix:

Developed by respected facial plastic surgeon Dr. J. Kevin Duplechain, the Cutagenix emulsion is a powerful aftercare product for those who have undergone an in-clinic procedure or an operation that involves inflicting some form of trauma on the skin.

Made using a blend of water and plant-derived emulsifiers, the star ingredient of this cream is the skin conditioning agent Perfluorodecalin. This biologically inert liquid is capable of dissolving and delivering oxygen from the environment to the skin in order to encourage it to repair itself at a faster and more efficient rate. This can prove vital following resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, after a cosmetic procedure like a face lift or after invasive surgery, as it allows the skin to ‘breathe’ while still protecting it against external stressors. Some post-procedure creams tend to form an impenetrable layer over the skin in order to protect it against outside irritants but this can often hinder the skin’s healing process, suffocating it and stopping the flow of oxygen to the surface.

The addition of soothing and calming ingredients help to prevent long-term inflammation while plant extracts hydrate and nourish the skin to stop it from becoming dry and tight. When used immediately following a procedure, the Cutagenix Emulsion can minimise the development of scarring, pigmentation and uneven texture so that skin heals completely with no tell-tale signs of trauma.

Suitable for men and women, this topical treatment can be used on the face and body multiple times a day safely without irritating even the most sensitive of skins.