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About Esthechoc:

Wouldn’t it be great if your favourite sweet treat was somehow really good for you? Step forward Esthechoc, the world’s first nutricosmetic chocolate bar created by two doctors with the mutual aim of using chocolate as a way to address key health concerns and, in this case, ageing skin.

Marek Orlowski worked on developing a new type of dark chocolate infused with the most powerful antioxidant currently known to science.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of dark chocolate has been known for many years but the actual effect it had on the density and condition of the skin was very minimal. What makes Esthechoc different is not only the ingredients but the way they are formulated. Alongside natural high quality Cocoa Polyphenols, Esthechoc also contains Astaxanthin, a carotenoid commonly found in algae which has been shown to be 550 times stronger than well-known antioxidant Vitamin E. Consumed regularly as a supplement, it can help to reduce cell inflammation and UV-induced collagen degradation which plays a big part in keeping the skin functioning at a more youthful rate.

These powerful ingredients are then formulated using unique micellar technology which makes them easier to absorb and improves their bio-availability within the body, essentially protecting them from being destroyed by stomach acid and gut flora upon digestion, so you always receive the highest amount of skin-boosting benefits. Not only that, but each square of Esthechoc contains low amounts of sugar and is only 38 calories so you will never have to feel guilty about including a tasty piece of chocolate in your daily diet. Just one a day is all you need to start seeing and feeling the improvements in your skin after around three weeks, with clinical trials revealing an increase in oxygen saturation both in the blood and tissue along with a significant reduction in oxidative damage.

You know what they say, a piece of Esthechoc a day keeps the dermatologist at bay!