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Pure Suisse

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About Pure Suisse:

An effective skin care regime shouldn’t consist solely of topical creams and lotions; it should take the internal health of the skin into account too and Pure Suisse are a brand that understands this better than most.

Based in Switzerland, their entire collection is built around a specialist two-step approach to tackling skin ageing, dubbed the Inside & Out Beauty® System, which pairs a concentrated oral supplement with a topical face cream, both of which have been designed to work in unison in order to transform the skin at every level. The range is divided into three pairs, each with a specific skin concern in their sights; early ageing, existing ageing such as deep wrinkles and severe dryness, and uneven tone.

The first step in the Pure Suisse regime is to prevent the destruction of vital proteins and lipids within the deepest layers of the skin through the ingestion of a daily supplement infused with essential nutrients, antioxidants and natural extracts, including Swiss Edelweiss Extract which protects the cells and DNA against external stressors.

Alongside this daily supplement, Pure Suisse also provide a corresponding topical solution in the form of an active moisturiser. Each tub contains a beautifully textured cream packed with similar antioxidants and natural extracts to the supplement including Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and, of course, Swiss Edelweiss Extract, to repair and correct the skin at the surface.

While both products work amazingly well on their own, they provide their most impressive results when used together in the same routine, boosting the internal and external health of the skin now and for the long term.

So try the Pure Suisse system for yourself, available exclusively at Effortless Skin.