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Pure Suisse

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About Pure Suisse:

Based in Switzerland, Pure Suisse have developed a collection of effective, high-performance face creams that work their magic on some of the most concerning aspects of premature skin ageing.

The concise range consists of: the Pure Lightening cream (which improves the clarity and radiance of skin that can become dull due to age and changing hormones), the Pure Hydro-Lift cream (which combines active peptides with plumping Hyaluronic Acid to effectively firm and lift slackened and lacklustre skin), and the Pure Regenerate cream (which uses rich hydrators like Shea Butter alongside collagen-boosting Vitamin C to regenerate mature complexions day after day).

But the key ingredient that holds the entire collection together is Swiss Edelweiss Extract. Found in all three face creams, this powerful antioxidant is one of the best natural skin rejuvenating ingredients in the world. Extracted from a small white flower found in the Swiss Alps, it has evolved to become incredibly resilient to external stressors that can damage the plant’s underlying structure. Because of this ability to remain healthy and youthful against all odds, it had been added to various topical solutions for the skin, with the ingredient providing vital protection for skin cells and DNA; ensuring they can replenish and rebuild themselves even when exposed to stressors such as pollution or UV rays. Along with its impressive protective qualities, Swiss Edelweiss Extract also helps to moisture the skin and increases blood flow to maintain a healthy radiance at the surface.

So take inspiration from Switzerland and try the Pure Suisse range for yourself, available exclusively at Effortless Skin.