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NeoStrata Skin Care Products

NeoStrata Active and Bionic Treatments

Neostrata is a clinically-proven skincare range that targets many common skin concerns and skin conditions including premature ageing, acne, rosacea, keratosis pilaris and hyperpigmentation.

Neostrata is well-known for its AHA and PHA based skincare and is the patent-holder of the first glycolic acid peel.

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Catering for every skin type, the NeoStrata range is categorised into the Resurface, Restore, Refine, Targeted Treatments and the recently launched Skin Active range. Each category is designed to achieve a different result to leave you with glowing, radiant skin.

Resurface Range

If you suffer from rough, dull skin in need of exfoliation the resurface range provides just this, removing dead skin cells and leaving behind a smooth complexion.

Restore Range

The NeoStrata skincare products within the Restore range target sun damage and redness without causing any further irritation. Products in this range such as Bio-Hydrating Face Cream and Ultra Moisturising Face Cream are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Refine Range

The NeoStrata Refine skincare products have been designed to effectively treat acne-prone, problematic skin. Products including Oily Skin Solution and Oil Control Gel help control and manage the production of sebum while keeping pores clean and free of dirt.

Targeted Treatments

A number of NeoStrata products have been formulated to treat specific skin concerns including acne, pigmentation and keratosis pilaris. NeoStrata Lotion Plus, for example, effectively treats keratosis pilaris (the little white bumps found on the back of the arms) and is, in general, an excellent exfoliator.

Pigment Lightening Gel targets the causes of pigmentation and fades dark patches and sun spots on the skin.

Skin Active Range

A more recent addition to the NeoStrata range is its Skin Active products. Skin Active is an advanced set of high-performance anti-aging products that focus on improving the appearance of deep set wrinkles and fine lines, evening out skin tone and firming skin that has lost elasticity. The latest introductions to this range are two outstanding serums that individually boost collagen and repair free radical damage.