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Developed to stimulate the skin, Agera's range of anti-aging skin care products have been scientifically tested and provide fast, noticeable results.

Each product in Agera’s selection of anti-aging, pigmentation, and acne treatments is formulated with retinols to fill out wrinkles and fine lines, incorporating potent antioxidants to guard skin from damage by free radicals.

Agera’s skin care range benefits from the miniscule particles in bio emulsions, which fight the effects of aging by enclosing potent ingredients and allowing their delivery through multiple layers of skin.

Agera have spent over ten years researching and developing a line of skincare products that treat the premature signs of aging, acne and pigmentation. The entire range works well to produce visible, scientifically proven results.

Agera Anti-Aging

The Agera anti-aging range has been developed to stimulate and penetrate the skin for quick, visible results.

Key Technologies:

Growth Factor Peptide:
Stimulate cells to produce new collagen and elastin for firmer, thicker, younger looking skin.

Delivered in bioemulsions to penetrate the skin to ensure rapid results with minimal irritation. Treats fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Fight free radical damage and improves skin texture by smoothing and softening.

View the Agera anti-aging brochure here

Agera Acne

Agera acne products target the causes of acne and are proven to rapidly and dramatically reduce bacteria, blocked pores and acne discolouration. Treating acne quickly is the key to preventing future acne scarring.

Key Stages in Controlling Acne:

Agera cleansers have been developed to work on oily and acne prone skin. They leave the skin feeling clean, calm and refreshed.

Bacteria control:
Highly active peptides are used to eliminate the causes of bacteria and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Prevention and Control:
AHAs and BHAs are used to decrease bacteria, reduce inflammation and prevent future flare ups.

View the Agera Acne brochure here.

Agera Pigmentation

Natural active ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin and methyl gentisate are used to reduce unwanted pigmentation on even the most sensitive skin.

Key Steps to controlling pigmentation:

Preventing Free Radical damage:
Free radicals are caused by environmental factors including sun exposure and pollution; they damage the skin by disrupting the normal functions of the skin cells. Powerful antioxidants are used to fight free radical damage. Used regularly the formation of pigmentation may be prevented and collagen and elastin damage caused by the sun may be repaired.

Sun Protection:
Regular use of a good sunscreen is vital. Not only will it help protect the skin against harmful UVA and UVB exposure it also helps to control pigmentation and protect against premature aging. Agera sunscreens do all of the above and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

View the Agera Pigmentation brochure here.