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Skinceuticals Equalizing Toner
  • As Seen In - The Daily Mail
  • Refreshes and balances
  • Contains botanical extracts
  • Minimises inflammation
  • Gently exfoliates the skin
RRP: £30.45

Restore balance to the skin after cleansing with the Equalizing Toner from SkinCeuticals.

Formulated with a blend of fruit acids to gently remove dead cells and botanical extracts including Kiwi, Witch Hazel, Cucumber and Aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe inflammation, this refreshing toning solution quickly restores skin’s optimum pH level while preparing it for the application of serums and moisturisers.

Suitable for all skin types, spray a small amount onto a cotton pad and wipe over the entire face and neck after cleansing twice a day for best results.

Spray a small amount onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face twice a day after cleansing for best results.

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