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EyeXcellence – 0.5oz
  • Purple - Treats Dark Circles
  • Purple - Limited Stock
  • Anti-aging eye cream
  • Corrects dark circles
  • Minimises puffiness and fine lines
  • Contains peptides
RRP: £48.41

Three key peptides have been combined to create a powerful eye cream that targets all three signs of early ageing around the eyes:

Fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet
Dark under eye circles

EyeXcellence helps to reduce the appearance of all three signs and leaves skin feeling hydrated and bright due to moisturising properties from these key active ingredients.

After cleansing, toning and applying any serums, pat a small amount gently around the eye area. EyeXcellence can be applied under any PCA SKIN broad spectrum SPF product or night cream.

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