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Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum

Skin Repair Serum, a rejuvenating serum that soothes redness and repairs.

Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum
Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum
RRP: £37.99
Crystal Clear Skin Repair Serum
RRP: £65.99

Suitable for all skin types, especially ageing skin and sensitive inflamed skin. This intense rejuvenation serum offers each and every skin type something of benefit.

Containing Alistin 1%, a biotechnology breakthrough in the treatment of ageing skin. Alistin slows down the natural ageing process of human skin cells, by allowing a reverse effect in the oxidative degradation process of the skin cell membrane, preventing and protecting the skin cell from free radicals that cause skin cells irreversible damage.

Alistin offers excellent results in its ability to reverse the damage caused by the ageing process. It has the ability to increase the number of times human skin cells divide before dying. The result is a longer life span for the skin cells slowing down the ageing process and smoothing lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Use morning and evening
Apply 2 pumps of serum and use a massage action to apply to the skin.

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