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Swisscode Pure Genistein

Pure Genistein, ideal for mature or menopausal skin.

Pure Genistein
Pure Genistein
Pure Genistein

Transform the texture of mature, menopausal skin with the Swisscode Pure Genistein concentrate.

The star ingredient is Genistein, an active Soy Isoflavone derived from plant sources that significantly boosts the production of collagen and works to prevent its degradation from external stressors and hormonal changes. This maintained increase in collagen levels leads to a firmer, smoother complexion with a noticeable reduction in wrinkle depth, especially around the eyes and mouth.

Suitable for dry, mature and menopausal skin types, vigorously massage a few drops into clean skin twice a day for around 6 weeks. Follow with a moisturiser for best results. After this time, reduce usage to once a day.

Massage a few drops into cleansed skin using small, fast circular motions working from the jawline up to the forehead twice a day for best results. Can be layered Pure Hyaluron for extra hydration.

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