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Night Serum - 15ml
  • Anti-aging night serum
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Hydrates and firms
  • Contains Retinol
RRP: £49.00

Night Serum from Restylane is a very active product that should be used only at night. Highly effective at minimizing the symptoms of ageing, Night Serum has a high dose of stable and very absorb-able Retinol – which is an excellent active ingredient used to minimize fine lines, pigmentation unevenness, and age spots – and Retinol can work to improve the elasticity of skin.

With a high amount of antioxidants – considered important to slowing the body’s ageing processes – Night Serum also has stabilized hyaluronic acid to strengthen and draw out the serum’s moisturising properties and to counteract the dryness that can result from using retinol.

Improvements can be noticeable within just four weeks; skin will be firmer and better hydrated, resulting in an even tone, improved texture, and overall radiance.

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Initially, use serum once every third day (in the evening). Cleanse skin thoroughly before use. There is no need to follow the serum with a night cream, as the serum is highly concentrated.

Remember that exposure to the sun must be minimised. Don’t use Serum if you intend to sun bathe the following day. Always wear a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen when you have used the Night Serum from Restylane, and do not use this Night Serum if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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