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Hand Cream - 50ml
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Hand Cream - 50ml
Hand Cream - 50ml - Expiry May 2017
RRP: £22.00
Hand Cream - 50ml
Hand Cream - 50ml
RRP: £22.00

Restylane Hand Cream: For the Protection and Moisturisation of Your Hands

The barriers to hand skin are constantly weakened by factors such a soap use, exposure to weather and chemicals, and additional environmental stressors. Hand Cream from Restylane helps to re-establish protective barriers on your hands’ skin, resulting in a renewed softness.

Rice extracts guard the vital antioxidative barrier of the outer layer of skin, resulting in softer, smoother, moisturised hands. Restylane Hand Cream also makes nails stronger.

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Use Restylane Hand Cream on your hands every time they’re feeling dry. The cream should be completely absorbed into the skin within a few minutes.

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