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Red in the Face

If you’re already suffering from redness associated with rosacea, or are prone to flushing, then you know that the cold Winter weather can only make these conditions worse. We’ve looked at the top skincare anti-redness products aimed at tackling redness and the best camouflage make-up to give you confidence in your cover-up.

Medik8’s Red Alert Anti-Redness Serum
Medik8’s Red alert provides intensive calming relief for redness and flare-ups caused by skin hypersensitvity and utilises the latest cosmeceutical discoveries in the field of topical treatment of facial thread veins, skin irritation and erythema.

Aestheticare’s Cernor XO
Originally formulated to tackle dark circles, Cernor XO can also help with the redness associated with rosacea. Cernor XO is a unique combination of vitamin K oxide and light-reflecting minerals which are delivered through the epidermis to the site of damaged capillaries. It works to reduce skin transparency and the visibility of pigments and blood vessels.

GloMinerals’ GloRedness Relief Powder
reducing redness on the spot, this unique formulation neutralises surface redness and soothes skin with ingredients including honeysuckle, zinc oxide and caffeine. GloRedness Relief Poweder is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, including conditions such as rosacea, sunburn, acne flare-ups, and post-treatment.

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