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Keep Oily Skin Soft with NeoStrata Refine Range

If you suffer from excess oil or shine on your skin, you will know how uncomfortable it can be feeling as though your skin is greasy. Also, enlarged or clogged pores can make skin feel dirty and be frustrating as you try to unblock them in your daily cleansing regime.

However, the NeoStrata Refine range could be perfect for you if you suffer from any of these problems; it is uniquely designed to treat oily, blemish prone, ageing skin while simultaneously controlling sebum production and stimulating cell renewal to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The NeoStrata Gel Plus in particular is ideal for oily skin that still needs moisture whilst promoting an even skin tone and texture. A lot of people with oily skin make the mistake of thinking that because of their skin type they don’t need to moisturise as much during the winter, however in order to protect and preserve skin this is hugely important – and with NeoStrata Gel Plus, skin will feel soft and smooth to the touch.

One of the most popular NeoStrata products, it is extremely lightweight and brings welcome relief to dry skin. It is perfect for experienced users of AHA with oily skin, and also contains NeoGlucosamine for its anti-aging properties. As well as clogged pores and excess oil, it can also help with dark spots and acne-prone skin.

The ingredient Mandelic acid, a lipophilic AHA is easily absorbed by oily skin making it particularly effective for this skin type (although some of the ingredients are unsuitable for sensitive skin).

NeoStrata products are considered the Holy Grail by beauty lovers, with NeoStrata Gel Plus in particular being a strong favourite of customers because it exfoliates and unclogs pores, but also prevents further clogging. Pores are reported by users as being noticeably reduced and skin has an improved texture within weeks of beginning use.

NeoStrata is a highly regarded brand which is clinically proven to help resurface, restore and refine skin. It is recommended by Effortless Skin that it is used once a day initially for two weeks for skin to get used to the AHAs and then after this twice a day.

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