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Nourish and Enhance your Pout with the Hydropeptide Lip Plumper

There’s nothing more feminine and youthful than a pretty plump pout. Women all over the world desire full lips which look fantastic in lipstick, however not all of us are blessed with them.

Give lips a boost

There is a simple solution though; Hydropeptide Lip plumps and improves the fullness of lips with active ingredients that get to work straight away. Your pout will be given an immediate boost but also over time will see an enhancement in the appearance of the lip line. This means you won’t have to wear lip liner as your lips will naturally appear more defined.

A consumer user group of 36 women aged 21 to 65 tested Hydropeptide Lip and found that after 6 weeks of twice daily use, 100% saw smoother-looking lips, 97% felt their lips were younger looking and 100% felt their lips were improved.

Glossy and fruit flavoured

This product can also help to enhance lip colour and comes in a universally flattering shade to suit all women. A flirty strawberry mango flavour makes it pleasant to wear and you will enjoy applying it to lips as it appeals to all the senses, smelling and feeling fresh and fruity.

Users will feel a mild tingling sensation after applying the gloss, which just lets the user know that the Hydropeptide Lip is getting to work. However, it does not cause the burning sensation that a lot of mainstream beauty products do, and therefore will be much more comfortable to wear day to day.

Improved hydration and cell renewal

Hydropeptide Lip also effectively hydrates the lips, encouraging exfoliation which gently removes dead skin cells and which can sometimes be confused with dryness. This will leave lips feeling soft and smooth after promoted healthy cell renewal. So for softer, fuller lips let the ingredients in this product work their magic and start pouting confidently with plumper, glossier lips.

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