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Radiate and Glow Through January’s Snow

The Christmas season with all its fun, festivities and cold, abrasive weather can take a great toll on the natural vitality and radiance of our skin. It can become dull, slack and discoloured; all of which give way to a more aged appearance. With a new year comes a new you. Here are my top 6 essential products for 2013 that will reawaken and revitalise your tired looking skin to the warmth and youthful nature of Spring.

1. Exuviance Collagen Triple Boost:

F20034X_1-w500Packed full of essential Amino Acids and NeoGlucosamines, Exuviance Collagen Triple Boost serum helps to refresh dull and unhealthy looking skin caused by the cold, wintery months. Its combination of powerful and nourishing ingredients aim to re-stimulate, plump  and protect your skin’s natural collagen helping to provide a fuller, healthier looking appearance; one that is perfect for the new year ahead.

2. Medik8 Pretox Filler:

Medik8’s Pretox Filler with its Crystalline formula enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Palimitoyke Tetrapeptides and Superoxide Dismutase, is a natural serum that defies signs of premature aging. Delving deep into your skin the Pretox Filler revitalises, rehydrates and nurtures its natural elasticity, collagen and cytokine to provide a more youthful, radiant glow. Adding this easy to use and natural filler twice a day, to your everyday beauty regime will help to banish and lift unsightly wrinkles without having to opt for cosmetic procedures.

3. NeoStrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser:

NeoStrata Ultra Brightening Cleanser, part of the new NeoStrata Enlighten Trio range, not only exfoliates and cleanses your skin from built up, everyday impurities, but it also helps reawaken and illuminate uneven skin tone leaving it feeling soft, smooth and deeply refreshed.  Using only 4% NeoGlucosamine and 1% Gigiwhite, combined with a nurturing formula free of soaps, fragrances and paraben; an essential product perfect for even the most sensitive of skin types. To achieve maximum results, combine with NeoStrata’s Enlighten Illuminating Serum and Enlighten Pigment Controller, and let your skin shine and dazzle.

4. NeoStrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum:

f_8neostrata 2Create an ethereal glow this month that defies January’s blistering snow with the help of Neostrata’s Enlighten Illuminating Serum. Helping to tackle dark and uneven skin pigmentation the deeply enriched and nourishing serum, packed with active skin brighteners, aims to target and boost 6 natural pigment control systems that will help to prevent further discolouration. This ‘miracle’ serum is essential in achieving a radiant 2013.

5. Proto-col Collagen Technology Triple Pack:

If like me, you travel a lot and cannot always take your full beauty kit with you, Proto-Col beams to the rescue with its travel sized Collagen Technology Triple Pack. Compact into practical 20ml sized bottles of joy, Proto-Col offers up its Collagen Facemask, Moisturising Gel and Microdermabrasion as a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a busy and stressful day.

6. gloMinerals gloHighlighter:

gloMineral’s gloHighlighter is the perfect cosmetic to touch up and illuminate your complexion with its shimmering formula infused with green tea and Vitamins A, C and E extracts. This highlighter doesn’t just illuminate your skin but it nourishes it too. Here, a little goes a long way in order to achieve your desired, vibrant glow.

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