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How To Use Colour Correction to Disguise Imperfections

Make Up artists have been using colour correction for decades to disguise imperfections on the skin, from redness and blemishes to dark circles and discolouration. By using colour to erase instead of concealer to hide, your skin will look perfected but natural, without the need for heavy foundation.

colour correct palette

By using these techniques at home, you can disguise any problem areas like a professional.

gloRedness ReliefIf you suffer with rosacea or have a lot of redness in the skin due to blemishes or a recent facial treatment, then using a yellow or green corrector is the best way to neutralise this colour. People often use a foundation with a yellow undertone to hide rosacea but this can make the skin look sallow when used all over the face. Instead, using an individual product to disguise specific areas means you can use your normal foundation shade over the top. The gloMinerals gloRedness Relief Powder is a yellow loose powder that not only disguises redness but also treats it thanks to its healing ingredients. Simply dust this over areas of redness, such as the cheeks, chin or around the nose, for a perfected and even skin tone.

Dark circles under the eyes are one of the most common discolourations on the skin, but don’t just pack the area with concealer. This can make the skin around the eyes look dry and heavy, only drawing more attention to the problem. To disguise dark circles you need a colour that neutralises purple, blue and black. A peach or apricot shade (depending on how deep your skin tone) will instantly brighten and illuminate the area. The Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT double-ended pencil uses a brightening shade on one end and a concealer on the other, to transform the under eye area. Yellow is also great at cancelling out darkness, but you will need to use your regular under eye concealer over the top. Set with a powder in either a translucent or yellow shade to ensure that it lasts all day.

Too much yellow in the skin makes your complexion look sallow and dull, so using a light purple or lavender colour corrector gives an instant radiance boost and is great for mature skin. Only apply it to the areas you need to, like the cheeks, nose and chin, before your foundation. Vary the gloMinerals-gloCorrective-Camouflage-Kitshade of purple depending on how dark your skin tone, so very pale skins should opt for a very pale lilac shade while darker skin tones should use a deeper, lavender shade. The gloMinerals gloCorrective Camouflage Kit has a great lilac shade, but it also has three other colours that can cancel out anything from redness to dark spots.

Colour correcting isn’t just limited to the face either. If you were planning on wearing a dress to a party this weekend but have a bruise on your leg, use a yellow colour corrector to make it less obvious. Sunburn on the body can also be minimised by using a green or blue liquid colour corrector. Simply mix it in with your moisturiser or after sun and it will make a huge difference.

So don’t worry if your usual concealer isn’t doing the job anymore. Just add these colour correctors to your daily make up routine and see the results. You will wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

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