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Why Your Skincare Should Change With The Seasons

When the last of the snow has melted away and the sun finally peeks out through the clouds, we start to make changes to our lives to suit the warmer temperatures. Clothes become thinner, colours become brighter and you start spending more time outdoors. But what about making changes to your skincare?

Just as you wouldn’t wear thick woolly tights in July, skin needs a different kind of care during the warmer months. Your skin will adapt itself naturally to suit each season, with some changes being very slight and others being more noticeable, so you need to be in tune with your skin to ensure it is getting the care that it needs. 

Here are a few key changes to make to your current skincare routine during the Winter and Summer months:


Changing the texture of your cleanser is the quickest way to adapt your skincare routine. During the winter, a richer lotion or cream cleanser will work best to not only cleanse your skin but moisturise and soothe it. The Medik8 Cream Cleanse is gentle on all skin types and soothes and hydrates skin without making it oily.


During the Summer, increased heat can make oil (or sebum) melt inside the pores leading to a shiny or greasy complexion. Using a foaming or gel cleanser ensures that skin is cleansed effectively without adding excess oil. A great option for oily or combination skin is the SkinCeuticals Simply Clean gel cleanser which contains an exfoliating hydroxy acid blend with botanical extracts to remove make-up and excess oils.


The easiest way to change your skincare is to invest in a serum. Serums are highly concentrated and absorb more deeply into the skin, so they are great for injecting a high moisture hit or essential vitamins to boost skin’s overall appearance.

In Winter, look for serums that boost skin’s moisture levels or that improve skins natural glow. The DCL Hydrating Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, providing much needed moisture and protecting the skin from the environment. If you want a radiance boost, opt for something like the Vitage Vitamin C Radiance Serum. It not only improves skin’s natural glow but tightens and hydrates it too.

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Treatment

In Summer, a mattifying or skin brightening serum will work wonders depending on your skin type. To combat hyper pigmentation or sun damage, try the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF treatment which contains a powerful blend of ingredients that took five years of research to create. Not only does it improve skin’s appearance and texture it is also great for oily and problematic skin types.


If you have naturally dry skin, changing your moisturiser to something thicker and richer in texture during the colder months will make a real difference. During the Winter, dry skin can feel tight and sore, so a thick moisturising cream like gloTheraputics gloConditioning Hydration Cream which is rich in antioxidants will nourish the skin and help strengthen its protective barrier.

Lumixyl MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF30

During the warmer months, you can use a lighter moisturiser with a good SPF. Although sun protection should be worn all year long, it is even more important in the Summer as exposure to the sun is more frequent and intense. The Lumixyl MoistureLock Sunscreen is a lightweight, invisible moisturiser that has an SPF30 but leaves no noticeable sheen on the skin and dries to leave a great base for make-up.


It is always a good idea to mix things up in your regime every now and again, with the changing of the seasons being the ideal time to try something new. Adding extra steps or treatments can really help improve your skin, whilst forcing your other products to up their game.

Adding extras that you save for the weekend means you can treat yourself to a more intense or effective treatment without worrying about time. Adding an exfoliator, facial peel or face mask to your weekly routine are simple ways to update a tired or long-standing skincare regime.

Lip balm and eye cream are also skincare staples that can be updated for each new season and as always, don’t forget to use an SPF daily.


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