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7 Must-Try Beauty Trends for 2017

Last year wasn’t a great year for many things but the beauty world enjoyed a whole host of exciting new innovations and trends that we are still loving today. However, that was last year and 2017 looks like it is going to be even better! Here are the trends we think will make the biggest impact on your make-up bag over the next 12 months…

Trend #1 Unicorn Colours

The beauty industry is currently experiencing a love affair with whimsical pastel shades and holographic glitters or, in other words, make-up inspired by unicorns. It sounds odd but pale pinks, lilacs, baby blues and soft yellows are set to be huge in 2017, with everything from eyeshadow to face primer getting in on the act. Keep your eye out for duochrome highlighters to give your skin a fairy-tale glow and eyeshadow palettes packed with pastel versions of all the colours of the rainbow. If you love having fun with your make-up, this is the trend for you.

Trend #2 Glossy Lips

Matte full coverage lipstick is so 2016! This year, it is all about sheer glossy lips that look almost wet (in a good way). Perfect for low-maintenance ladies, lip gloss has the amazing ability to blend beautifully into a pared-back, everyday look while adding a dose of J.Lo glamour when you want to crank things up for a night out. It doesn’t make sense but it works. If you can’t bear to part with your beloved matte lipsticks from last year, simply update your look with a slick of clear gloss on top. Bonus points if it has a holographic shimmer (see Trend #1).

Trend #3 A Your-Skin-But-Better Complexion

Matte and full coverage weren’t just beauty buzzwords for your lips last year; the same adjectives were also applied to your foundation. But 2017 is all about letting your skin ‘breathe’ and look more ‘natural’ so relegate anything full coverage to the back of your beauty drawer and look for lightweight bases that give your skin a glossy, well-rested, clarity that makes you look fresh as a daisy. To make your beauty products’ job a little easier, invest in some top-notch skin care to give you the kind of complexion this trend is trying to replicate.

Trend #4 Draping

We spoke about this trend last year (read more here) and it shows no sign of waning in 2017. The idea is to use blusher more inclusively on the face, i.e. not just on the cheeks, to add shape, definition and warmth without having to bother with contour and highlighter. Just take a fluffy brush and blend powder blusher over the cheekbones and along the temples to create a sort of outdoorsy flush that gives your complexion a natural glow.

Trend #5 Straight Eyebrows  

If you have only just managed to nail the perfect Instagram brow (full, obscenely arched, dark) then we have bad news for you: heavy arches are out, straight almost boyish brows are in. The catwalks decreed that this new shape makes any face look younger, fresher and less made up, so if any of those things tick your beauty boxes then it’s back to the (eyebrow) drawing board.

Trend #6 Messy, Smudgy Lids

This new take on the smoky eye could be seen as another Instagram-inspired beauty backlash. You’ve all seen those beautiful yet extremely blended ombré smoky eyes in your feed, but 2017 is set to be more rock and roll in its approach with the less precision the better. Take a cream eyeshadow and buff it into the lids with your finger, wiggle black liner along your lash line then add lots of clear gloss to really mess things up. Don’t forget clumpy mascara! To truly nail this look, think Kate Moss in the early 2000s or the way your make-up looks after you have slept in it.

Trend #7 Monochromatic Make-up

Another trend that we discussed towards the end of last year (read it again here) the art of wearing the same colour on your eyes, lips and cheeks is set to go mainstream in 2017. A popular trend in the 90s, it has seen a resurgence recently after appearing on numerous catwalks for spring/summer. If you always struggle to pair the right blusher with your lipstick or never know which eyeshadow would complement your blush the best, this is the trend for you because there is zero guesswork involved.

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