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Glow On: The Best Tanning Drops to Prolong your Summer Glow

As the season of sunny days and high temperatures begins to wind down, one thing we aren’t ready to say goodbye to yet is our golden glow. Luckily, the beauty industry has provided us with the perfect solution – tanning drops. Here are three of the best…   

Vitage Illuminating Tanning Dropslink

For those of us too lazy to commit to proper, regular fake tanning, these limited edition drops make the ideal alternative. Made with three different types of DHA (the ingredient that darkens the skin), this light liquid can be mixed with any face or body cream to create a personalised gradual tanner. Use a small amount daily to maintain your Summer glow or use a generous amount over the course of three days for a deeper tan. It also contains Vitamin E and Citric Acid to help smooth uneven texture and minimise the effect of environmental stressors on the skin.

Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Dropslink

Already a big hit amongst celebrities like Katie Price, these Coconut Oil-infused drops claim to act like liquid sunshine, making it easier than ever before to maintain a healthy golden complexion all year round. Thanks to a blend of DHA Plus and complex sugars, this solution plumps and nourishes the skin while making it a shade or two darker. Ideal for parched post-holiday complexions, add a few drops to your everyday moisturising cream before blending into the skin. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards to prevent any tell-tale tan marks!

NIOD Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%link  

A tan will always fade fastest from your face – thanks to daily cleansing and regular exfoliation – but if you are not a fan of gradual tanners, opt for these bronze-hued drops from NIOD. Used on clean skin, mixed with foundation to darker it or in with a moisturiser, this serum-like fluid adds instant warmth and radiance to the skin without feeling dry or powdery. We recommend using it as a primer to help your face match the golden glow of your body or it can be used as a liquid bronzer on minimal make-up days; just remember to blend it in properly as it can easily look streaky.

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