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Three’s A Trend: Antioxidant Boosters

Beauty boosters are a great way to give your existing routine a little, err, boost. They make sure your skin isn’t missing out on anything and provide a quick fix during times when your complexion needs extra moisture, nourishment or energy. Skin looking dull, flat or blotchy? Up your vitamin intake and protect against daily damage with one of these exciting new antioxidant boosters.


VERSO Antioxidant – link

If you thought Turmeric was just one of many spices used to give a curry extra flavour, think again. This powerful relation to Ginger possesses some pretty impressive antioxidant powers, providing instant and long-term protection against UV radiation, free radicals and pollution. It’s also an amazing anti-inflammatory, which is why this new booster serum from VERSO is set to be your new favourite skin care step. It promises to keep the skin smooth, hydrated, clear and properly protected against the environment. Just replace your usual serum with a couple of drops of this twice a day.


Babor Doctor Babor Lifting Cellular Vitamin C Booster Concentrate – link

Feel like you know your stuff when it comes to antioxidants but want something with a bit more oomph to prevent the dreaded skin care plateau? Try this booster serum from BABOR. It’s packed with everyone’s favourite antioxidant Vitamin C, to boost collagen production, brighten dull spots and support skin’s natural free radical defences. For the best results possible, apply one pipette’s worth of product to cleansed skin in the morning, pressing and patting it into the face for maximum absorption. Pair with a sunscreen for the ultimate shield against everyday life.


OSKIA CityLife Boosterlink

Prepare to get excited because this new release from OSKIA took two years to perfect and is one of the most innovative antioxidant boosters out there. Inside this small vial is one of the first clinically-proven concentrates to protect the skin against indoor and outdoor pollution including everything from free radicals, Nickel, Iron and other heavy metals, to Particulate Matter, smoke and Singlet Oxygen. It is packed with goodness and can be added to any moisturiser already in your routine, to ramp up its antioxidant benefits. Expect your skin to become clearer, brighter, bouncier and less congested with daily use.

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