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New Brands You Need to Know About – Part 8

We’re kicking off the start 2018 by bringing you even more incredible, game-changing and exciting brands to make your skin’s life easier. Here are five new ranges you need to add to your lust list…  

CHADO link

The first Swiss make-up brand, CHADO cosmetics are all about helping you perfect your own kind of personal beauty. They pride themselves on developing functional products that simplify the morning beauty routine of busy, working women without compromising on luxury. They offer everything from nourishing brow oils and super-soft make-up brushes to customisable face palettes and flutter-boosting mascaras. Not only that, pretty much every product is infused with specialist stem cells sourced from Swiss apples, an impressive extract that possesses age prevention benefits.

Must-Try Product: The Monts & Merveilles Cream Texture is a must-have for any beauty junkie. It contains four creams to conceal, sculpt and enhance the skin alongside a HD translucent setting powder. Plus, each pan is removable and refillable.

MZ Skinlink

We love a beautiful looking brand and MZ Skin doesn’t disappoint. But, more important than being aesthetically pleasing, this is one range that truly works. Created by facial aesthetics doctor and surgeon Dr Maryam Zamani, this luxurious collection of skin fixers is for true complexion devotees. Their products contain the best ingredients, the best delivery systems and the best textures, and aim to restore clarity, radiance and youth to all skin types. A relatively new brand, it has already won multiple industry awards and is probably all over your Instagram feed.

Must-Try Product: It’s hard to pick just one, but the Lift & Lustre Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum is something special. Infused with stem cells and Hyaluronic Acid, it also contains gold reflective pigments to make skin glow.

Cebelia link

When a product is recommended by aesthetic professionals to soothe and repair damaged skin, you known it’s going to be good. Cebelia started life as a prescription only treatment administered by doctors and surgeons in French hospitals, but in 2007 it finally became available to patients all over Europe. Whether you are suffering from a particularly nasty eczema flare up or your skin is feeling delicate after an operation, Cebelia products are formulated with a specialist peptide, known as Laminin-5, to speed up tissue repair to heal scarring, psoriasis, eczema, burns and bruises.

Must-Try Product: The L.C.E Balm is 33% silicon and is a does-it-all treatment for post-procedure skin, minimising swelling, scarring and scrapes.


2018 is the year of the doctor-developed skin care brand and ZENii is one of the most exciting to join the marketplace in recent months. Created by multi-award-winning cosmetic doctor Dr Johanna Ward, this range consists of topical solutions and health-boosting supplements, to deliver a better complexion by caring for the body inside and out. Currently, they offer solutions for acne, ageing, dehydration and dullness, with products targeted at sun damage and uneven tone coming later this year.

Must-Try Product: We’ve tried many products from this range, so we’ve had to pick two! The Salicylic Acid Exfoliator is amazing for decongesting problem skin and the Antioxidant Power Serum will keep your complexion protected and plump day after day.


This French brand have created what they describe as the perfect customisable skin care wardrobe. Your skin and its needs change throughout the year, from season to season, after travelling and during times of stress, so CODAGE are advocates of mixing, matching and layering their skin care products to find the ideal solution for your complexion concerns. Alongside a vast collection of serums, they also have toners, masks, exfoliators and moisturisers to enhance your routine. Plus, they look great on your bathroom shelf – we wouldn’t expect anything less from the French.

Must-Try Product: The standout product from the range is the Serum No1 Intense Moisturising, a hydrating serum that can be layered with other serums and creams already in your routine.

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