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Mature Skin Care
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About SkinRenu:

Using the combined expertise and knowledge of three of the industry’s best, SkinRenu was developed for mature skin wanting to renew the skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing. The result of the combined work of Dr Leigh Hopkins, Dr Romulo Mene, a leading international authority on skin and anti-aging and Gregg Hanson, an expert in formulating and manufacturing skincare products made SkinRenu possible.

With this wealth of expertise and knowledge SkinRenu is truly a remarkable advanced skincare range. The basis of the range is restoration. Dr Leigh Hopkins believes that when the skin is corrected to its normal state, it can control and deter even the most negative environmental effects. The result is skin that resists the visible and cellular effects of aging. The SkinRenu range is built on this philosophy and uses non-aggressive substances to restore and repair the skin for a smoother, more youthful complexion.

The unique Natural Active Lipids formula within SkinRenu products gently bathes the skin cells whilst natural antioxidants, vitamins, botanicals, minerals and peptides are used to correct specific skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles, poor skin structure and thinning skin. These natural nutrients and vitamins move to where your skin needs them the most, rebuilding your skin's lipid layers and improving moisture retention. Each product is formulated to nourish, repair and care for your skin at the cellular level where the majority of skin healing takes place.

Whether you want to correct wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes, reduce facial wrinkles or rejuvenate your skin for an all-over skin boost, SkinRenu have the answer in their collection of serums and moisturisers.