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Make-up that puts your skin first
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About ColoreScience:

One of the biggest mineral cosmetics brands in the US, ColoreScience, is now available at Effortless Skin. Whether you’re looking for an everyday foundation and SPF, or need some high factor sun protection post-cosmetic treatment, ColoreScience has the solution.

ColoreScience uses high quality, high integrity, pure minerals that are completely water resistant which means they form a barrier over the skin helping to protect it from UV damage, dirt and grime, and external pollutants.

Apart from the lightweight, sheer coverage you’ll get from ColoreScience, one of the main benefits is the high factor sun protection these products provide. Protecting your skin from both UVA rays (these rays cause premature ageing) and UVB rays (these rays cause sun burn to the outer layer of skin), the ColoreScience range protects your skin all year round come rain or shine.

Unlike some other mineral cosmetics brands, ColoreScience DO NOT use alcohol, harsh chemicals, dyes, talc, mineral oil and fragrances in their products. These ingredients can be irritating to the skin and are best avoided.

If you’re looking for cosmetics that blend some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients, ColoreScience is for you.

Sunforgettable SPF in a self-dispensing brush is a particular favourite and an essential in any make-up bag.