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Wrinkle MD®

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About Wrinkle MD:

Wrinkle MD is an exciting new home care beauty device that provides 800% more penetration into the skin than any topical skincare product.

This needle-free product range targets crow’s feet and fine lines on the forehead and is a highly effective alternative to injectable toxins and fillers.

This new anti-wrinkle treatment which delivers Hyaluronic Acid deep into the skin through microcurrent pulses, has shown up to a 73% improvement in the appearance of wrinkles after just one treatment.

Built-in smart technology evaluates your skin to diagnose its type and as a result adjusts the power setting so that you’ll only ever receive the right amount of hydration for your skin type.

The Wrinkle MD anti-wrinkle treatment range has 6 products: The Eye Infusion System, The Brow Infusion System, Eye Infusion Patches, Brow Infusion Patches, Infusion Skin Prep and Youth Serum.

If you’re looking for an alternative to wrinkle relaxing injections, you will love Wrinkle MD.