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Prescribed Solutions

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About Prescribed Solutions:

Designed to give your skin more of what it needs to remain healthy, PRESCRIBEDsolutions is a range of products that focus on perfecting the appearance of all skin types.

Initially designed to be mixed at home by consumers searching for a more tailored skin care solution, this range has a core selection of products that are packed with clinically tested ingredients and antioxidants to provide specialist care whatever your concern. Using physician strength formulas, this range focuses on transforming the texture and quality of the skin whether that be through a serum to protect against environmental stressors or an overnight cream designed to combat the effects of glycation.

Also included in the range are three cleansers, each designed to provide exceptional cleansing while resurfacing and refining the appearance of uneven skin either through chemical exfoliators like Glycolic Acid used in the Starting Up/Face cleanser or via physical exfoliators like the gentle Jojoba Beads found in the Surface Improvement Exfoliating Polish. If you have a more sensitive skin type, the Don’t Be So Sensitive cleanser is perfect and can be used following a cosmetic procedure thanks to the nourishing and hydrating formula.

The innovative Cream – No Sugar overnight treatment targets the effects a diet high in sugar has on the skin, preventing glycation which can lead to a dull, weak and visibly aged complexion. The luxurious texture of the cream leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and successfully provides relief for those whose ageing isn’t the result of sun exposure or lack of moisture.

If you are looking for products to address common and more niche skin concerns then PRESCRIBEDsolutions is for you.