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MTS Roller

At-Home Skin Needling
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About MTS Roller:

The MTS Dermaroller (or Micro-needle Therapy System) is an innovative at-home skin needling device created and developed by American based company Clinical Resolution Laboratory.

Each dermaroller is made up of two main parts; the roller head which contains around 200 needles and the roller handle which is made from professional quality Lexan, an incredibly strong and durable plastic often used to make bulletproof screens. How each of these components is made is what makes the MTS Dermaroller so unique. Each needle on the roller head is made of surgical grade stainless steel with each one mounted along the roller in rows of eight, which is the highest number of needles of any micro-needling device available on the market today, according to the manufacturer. Each of these needles creates a miniscule tunnel in the surface of the skin, often reaching a depth of between 0.13mm and 2.5mm, to create a clear pathway for topical serums to travel down to the dermis while also triggering the production of collagen in order to seal the wound and plump ageing skin from the inside.

By using a combination of high quality materials, the MTS Dermaroller is one of the most durable at-home skin needling devices available, lasting up to twice as long as other skin rollers, with most remaining effective for over 6 months when cleaned and cared for properly. To help users keep their roller usable for longer, there is also the MTS Sterilizing Solution that effectively disinfects and sterilises the roller head with the minimum amount of effort.

Used regularly, the MTS Dermaroller can be used to help soften the appearance of wrinkles, reduce scarring, fade post-acne marks and correct uneven texture.