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Anti-Blemish Treatments
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About Clearogen:

After struggling to find an effective, long-term treatment for blemishes and breakouts, dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi decided to create his own and developed the Clearogen 3-step system for those who suffer with problematic skin.

This concise range consists of a cleanser, toner and treatment lotion that use the skin clearing powers of active acids to help all skin types achieve a complexion that is free of blemishes, blocked pores and inflammation for life.

Instead of simply tackling the issue at the surface, Clearogen products are designed to target the hormones that are noted as key factors in the development of spots and pimples. These hormones are what trigger excessive oil production within the skin which, when left untreated, becomes irritated and leads to the development of blocked pores and inflammation.

Using Clearogen products on a daily basis will not only help to reduce the production of these hormones but they will also block the androgen receptors that trigger excessive oil production, remove harmful blemish-causing bacteria from within the pores before they can become inflamed and encourage the skin the fully repair itself more effectively, making maintaining a clear and harmonious complexion for the long term much easier.

Great for both men and women, Clearogen products are also enriched with a selection of botanical ingredients and extracts to help soothe the skin and keep it hydrated, preventing that nasty dry, tight feeling the skin gets after using blemish treatments that are too harshly concentrated. You can expect to see an improvement in the skin after just a few weeks, with the noticeable results continuing the longer you use the system.