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Soothing Skin Care for Eczema
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About QV:

Part of the Ego Pharmaceuticals family, QV skincare was created and developed by founder Gerald Oppenheim, a well-known chemist in Australia who was asked to create a specialist product for sufferers of very dry, sensitive skin at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Melbourne.

He created what is now known as the QV Bath Oil, a mild and extremely gentle cleansing wash to soothe eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. The unexpected popularity of this product lead to the creation of other successful topical formulations and the brand as we know it was officially formed in 1975.

Still one of the most trusted skin solutions for sensitive skin in Australia, the range is now available in the UK and consists of a number of gentle solutions for eczema sufferers of all ages, from babies to the elderly. Their aim is to help sufferers break the inflammation-itch-scratch cycle using non-irritating and pH balanced formulas to not only hydrate dry skin and minimise long-term damage but to effectively seal the skin at the surface, preventing moisture from evaporating and bacteria from entering the epidermis.

The range consists of soothing body washes and the iconic bath oil alongside healing skin creams, lotions and intensive ointments to help support the skin as it naturally heals itself. Used daily, many sufferers start to see an improvement in their condition after a few days, with the symptoms gradually subsiding for more comfortable and less reactive skin.

So don’t struggle with eczema in silence, try QV skincare and see the difference for yourself and your family.