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Eyelash Growth Serum
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About Xxtralash:

There are numerous reasons for eyelash fall out and consistent breakage. From the daily use of eyelash curlers to more serious causes such as alopecia and chemotherapy treatment, weak brittle lashes can affect anyone, male or female, at any age. If you want to take action and enjoy strong, luscious eyelashes then XXtralash is the product for you.

Created by SkinGen International, XXtralash is the latest product to join their impressive collection of brands that have become staples in many peoples’ skincare routines. A powerful clinically-proven eyelash strengthening serum, it has been designed to offer noticeable results in just 4 weeks.

It does this thanks to a blend of vitamins, botanical extracts, proteins and the innovative Prob-Biozyme TriPeptide™ Technology to fortify, rebuild, condition and enhance each individual eyelash from root to tip. Designed to be gentle and non-irritating for the skin and eyes, this treatment serum will gradually help to improve the appearance of weak, brittle and ageing eyelashes, minimising the risk of breakage over time and increasing overall eyelash density for a fuller looking flutter without the need for excessive layers of mascara or the use of false eyelashes.

By applying this serum directly at the roots of the lashes, on both top and bottom sets, you will successfully ensure your eyelashes receive the highest concentration of nutrients (including Vitamin C and Soy Protein) in the most beneficial place to give you better results in the long term. Use it twice a day and see the improvement for yourself.