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Medica Forte

From the creators of The Perfect Peel
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About Medica Forte:

When you decide to undergo an in-clinic procedure, the kind of aftercare you choose is equally as important as the type of treatment you go for. After the huge success of The Perfect Peel in clinics across the country, Medica Forte decided to create a home care range to both support the effects of this professional treatment and maintain healthy skin in between visits.

The star product in the range is The Perfect C, an antioxidant-rich formula that has been designed to provide free radical protection, hydration and collagen-boosting benefits to help keep the skin youthful. It’s so good, its creators believe that it can do the job of both your serum and your moisturiser, cutting down the time it takes to get your complexion ready for the day.

Alongside the serum, the range also includes a cleanser, a body wash, a body lotion and a tinted facial sunscreen, so finding and building an effective head-to-toe skin care routine has never been easier.

Each product contains a wealth of high quality, professional-grade ingredients to perfect the skin and a wide range of concerns including congested pores, dark spots, inflammation, uneven texture, sun damage and fine lines.

Available exclusively online at Effortless Skin, this range is suitable for all skin types and is both mineral oil and paraben free. Add it to your must-try list today!