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Elizabeth Arden PRO

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Elizabeth Arden PRO Clarifying Foaming Cleanser - 150ml. Clarifying Foaming Cleanser - 150ml removes excess oils and impurities.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Gentle Facial Cleanser - 180ml. Gentle Facial Cleanser - 180ml mild exfoliating formula.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Invigorating Face & Body Scrub - 120ml. Invigorating Face & Body Scrub - 120ml softens and brightens the skin.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Age Defying Serum - 30ml. Age Defying Serum - 30ml powerful facial serum.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Barrier Repair Complex - 50ml. Barrier Repair Complex - 50ml helps strengthen sensitive skin.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Cellular Recovery Serum - 50ml. Cellular Recovery Serum - 50ml targeted booster serum.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Hydrating Antioxidant Spray - 100ml. Hydrating Antioxidant Spray - 100ml lightweight skin refresher.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Intense Hydrating Cream - 50ml. Intense Hydrating Cream - 50ml rich moisturising cream.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Lash Recovery Serum - 4ml. Lash Recovery Serum - 4ml daily lash and brow conditioner.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Moisturising Facial Cream - 50ml. Moisturising Facial Cream - 50ml provides long-lasting hydration.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Perfection Facial Serum - 30ml. Perfection Facial Serum - 30ml designed for mature, problematic skin.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Replenishing Masque - 120ml. Replenishing Masque - 120ml weekly moisturising face mask.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Revitalizing Body Lotion - 120ml. Revitalizing Body Lotion - 120ml tackles uneven tone and texture.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Skin Brightening Serum - 30ml. Skin Brightening Serum - 30ml corrective facial serum.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Skin Renewal Cream - 50ml. Skin Renewal Cream - 50ml nourishing anti-aging cream.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Smoothing Eye Serum - 15ml. Smoothing Eye Serum - 15ml addresses the appearance of fine lines around eyes.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector SPF50 - 50ml. Triple Action Protector SPF50 - 50ml provides complete UV protection.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor Lip Balm SPF 30 - 14.2g. Triple Protection Factor Lip Balm SPF 30 - 14.2g hydrates, conditions and protects.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Illuminating Enzyme Masque -120ml. Illuminating Enzyme Masque -120ml exfoliates and brightens the skin.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Age Defying Eye Cream - 15ml. Age Defying Eye Cream - 15ml smoothes and brightens the entire eye area.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Protection Factor Face & Body SPF30 - 120ml. Triple Protection Factor Face & Body SPF30 - 120ml keeps skin safe in the sun.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Sensitive Skin Basic Cleanser - 180ml. Sensitive Skin Basic Cleanser - 180ml a mild and comforting formula.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Sensitive Skin Age Defying Treatment - 30ml. Sensitive Skin Age Defying Treatment - 30ml soothes and calms stressed skin.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Sensitive Skin SOS Complex - 50ml. Sensitive Skin SOS Complex - 50ml repairs and soothes the skin.
Elizabeth Arden PRO Sensitive Skin Peel Pads - 50 pads. Sensitive Skin Peel Pads - 50 pads effectively exfoliate delicate skin.

About Elizabeth Arden PRO:

Achieve amazing skin now and forever with clinically proven products that really work with the Elizabeth Arden PRO range of skincare and mineral make-up.

Created by Joe Lewis (the man behind ground-breaking ingredients like Idebenone and popular brands like PRIORI™) and well-respected cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden, this new range is just what a flagging routine needs to tackle dullness, uneven pigmentation, wrinkles and slackness.

Each product has been designed using the most advanced skin science and ingredient technology alongside what is known as the Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid™ Philosophy. It was created to help consumers make an informed choice when it comes to finding the best and most essential skincare products for their needs and is one of the things that makes this range so special.

The base layer of this pyramid, consisting of the fundamental must-haves that should be included in all routines, includes products such as sunscreen and ingredients including antioxidants and DNA Enzymes, which Elizabeth Arden PRO believe all skin types need to maintain good skin health.

On the second layer are transformational products and ingredients; those things that the skin needs to truly improve over time. In this core layer, Retinoids and AHAs are considered the most important as they help with cell turnover and exfoliation, which are the most effective tools for tackling premature skin ageing. Finally, at the top of the pyramid, are ingredients that are nice to have but they are not necessarily critical to your skin’s health. Anti-aging peptides and growth factors are categorised as the ‘finishing touch’ to an already effective routine and are so found in this final layer.

Because of this approach, all the products in the range have been formulated to offer a mix of some or all of these ingredients – making it easier for users to build their perfect regime.

As the brand explains: “Elizabeth Arden PRO is not based on a single hero ingredient or product but rather a clinically substantiated skincare philosophy.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.