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About KITA:

True beauty comes from a sense of balance and no one believes in this more than the founder of KITA Skincare Chiara Vania.

After seeing how the stresses and strains of modern life can negatively impact the skin, she decided to create a range of luxurious facial serums that utilised the benefits of the Five Elements in order to restore calm and balance to stressed complexions.

“Feeling balanced in today's busy world is one of the biggest challenges we face. KITA offers a chance to hit the refresh button, and enjoy a renewed sense of vitality and ultimate radiance every day.”

Formulated with a unique selection of extracts from all over the world, the main ingredients that make KITA products stand out is their inclusion of crystals. Chiara has experienced first-hand, the powerful impact the right crystal can have on rebalancing the body’s energy, which is why she has included them in every serum in the range:

The Replenisher – Water Moisturising Serum Complex, infused with rebalancing Sapphire and stress-relieving Malachite, it works best for oily and combination skin types.

The Energiser – Fire Moisturising Serum Complex, infused with energy-boosting Ruby and invigorating Volcanic Spring Powder, it is designed to nourish normal skin types.

The Protector – Earth Moisturising Serum Complex – infused with restorative Topaz and antioxidants, it protects dry skin against the harmful effects of pollution.

The Rejuvenator – Metal Moisturising Serum Complex – infused with soothing Moonstone and vitamin-rich Black Oats, this serum renews and moisturises dehydrated skin types.

The Enhancer – Wood Moisturising Serum Complex – infused with cleansing Jade and replenishing Cactus Elixir, this rich and creamy formula repairs and nourishes mature skin types.

Once you have discovered your element, these serums can be used daily to provide your skin with everything it needs to remain healthy, no matter how frenetic life gets.