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Vetia Mare

Organic Marine-Based Skin Care
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About Vetia Mare:

Vetia Mare are the first totally organic marine-based skin care range, with a focus on ‘youth-sustaining’ formulas and innovative extracts.

They have gathered the best extracts and actives from the ocean depths to create a collection of specialist cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and revitalising products that keep all skin types looking healthy and radiant for longer. As many ancient organisms found in the world’s oceans have managed to withstand extreme and changeable conditions for centuries, the interest in using marine extracts to care for the skin has grown in popularity over recent years, with Vetia Mare at the forefront of innovation in the field.

Key ingredients found in the Vetia Mare range include Qollogen, a type of collagen found in Jellyfish which is strikingly similar to human collagen, micro and macro Algae, and Sea Water which is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements which can improve the health of the skin.

Due to the amount of natural extracts, each and every marine-derived active has been obtained exclusively from sustainable oceanic resources and all Vetia Mare’s products qualify for the most stringent level of certification by NATRUE, an international organisation who safeguard the highest standards of natural skin care so you can feel completely confident and happy when using any of their formulas.

Star products from the range include the Energizing Serum (which improves skin’s underlying structure), the Rejuvenescence Activation Treatment (a four-week intensive treatment to improve the tone and texture of ageing skin) and the Moisturizing Refining Enzymatic Peel (a gel-to-milk exfoliator that restores radiance to dull skin). However you incorporate Vetia Mare into your routine, you can be sure your skin will love you for it.