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CHADO Baume Magique - 3g. Baume Magique - 3g hydrates and enhances the lip's natural colour.
CHADO Ciseaux Sourcils Exclusifs. Ciseaux Sourcils Exclusifs expertly trims long eyebrow hairs.
CHADO Crayon Duo Illuminateur - 5.02g. Crayon Duo Illuminateur - 5.02g perfects and illuminates the eyes and eyebrows.
CHADO Creme Genereuse - 40ml. Creme Genereuse - 40ml is a multi-tasking cream that soothes, hydrates and primes the skin.
CHADO Eau Micellaire Demaquillante & Revitalisante - 100ml. Eau Micellaire Demaquillante & Revitalisante - 100ml removes make-up and refreshes the skin.
CHADO Effaceur Chrono Precision - 4ml. Effaceur Chrono Precision - 4ml targeted make-up remover wand.
CHADO Gloss Exquis Lacquer - 5.5ml. Gloss Exquis Lacquer - 5.5ml adds a mirror-like shine to the lips.
CHADO Gloss Exquis Soft Pink - 7ml. Gloss Exquis Soft Pink - 7ml provides the lips with a healthy pink tint and glossy shine.
CHADO Huile Cristal - 7ml. Huile Cristal - 7ml expertly nourishes and strengthen weak eyebrow hairs.
CHADO Le Soin Duo Spa - 2 x 6ml. Le Soin Duo Spa - 2 x 6ml cares for and strengthens weak eyelashes and eyebrow hairs.
CHADO Le Soin Pyjama - 6ml. Le Soin Pyjama - 6ml conditions the eyelashes and eyebrows day and night.
CHADO Mascara Divin - 10ml. Mascara Divin - 10ml creates a full and flawless lash look every time.
CHADO Mascara Naturel Parfait - 11ml. Mascara Naturel Parfait - 11ml naturally defines the eyebrows and lashes.
CHADO Mine de Rien Eyebrow Crayon - 0.48g. Mine de Rien Eyebrow Crayon - 0.48g is a quick and easy way to enhance the eyebrow.
CHADO Monts & Merveilles Cream Texture - 18g. Monts & Merveilles Cream Texture - 18g makes sculpting and highlighting the face easy.
CHADO Monts & Merveilles Powder Texture - 18g. Monts & Merveilles Powder Texture - 18g a multi-use face palette for sculpting and highlighting.
CHADO Ombres & Lumieres Cream Texture - 2.25g. Ombres & Lumieres Cream Texture - 2.25g are individual cream pigments for sculpting the face.
CHADO Ombres & Lumieres Powder Texture - 2.25g. Ombres & Lumieres Powder Texture - 2.25g are individual pressed powders to ehance the face.
CHADO Pince A Epiler. Pince A Epiler makes plucking the eyebrows quick and easy.
CHADO Pinceau Brosse No4. Pinceau Brosse No4 styles the eyebrows and lashes in seconds.
CHADO Pinceau Creme No2. Pinceau Creme No2 applies cream and liquid make-up smoothly.
CHADO Pinceau Poudre No1. Pinceau Poudre No1 applies and blends face powders like a professional.
CHADO Pinceau Precision No3. Pinceau Precision No3 a multi-tasking brush for the eyes and eyebrows.
CHADO Pochoirs d'Artiste for Eyebrows. Pochoirs d'Artiste for Eyebrows are stencils to make shaping the eyebrows easy and quick.
CHADO Pommade Creme Supreme - 2.5g. Pommade Creme Supreme - 2.5g is a professional quality pomade for shaping and defining the eyes.
CHADO Poudre Essentielle HD - 18g. Poudre Essentielle HD - 18g mattifies and perfects all skin tones.
CHADO Poudre Velours - 1.5g. Poudre Velours - 1.5g provides velvety smooth colour to enhance the brows and lashes.
CHADO Recourbe Cils. Recourbe Cils beautifully lifts and curls straight eyelashes.

About CHADO:

Feel beautiful and confident every day with CHADO’s luxurious range of caring make-up products and tools.

Created in Geneva by Sylvia Rossel, CHADO (pronounced shadow) is the first Swiss make-up brand and marries the best in European luxury, style, technology and excellence. Inspired by art and various landscapes, each product aims to help women achieve their own kind of personal beauty, whatever that may be, through the use of practical yet high quality products.

A key aspect of the CHADO range is balancing the face and framing the eyes by tending to the brows, hence their inclusion of a wide range of eyebrow perfectors, from nourishing oils to sculpting pomades and powders. If you get the brows right – the best shape, fullness and structure for your face – everything else falls effortlessly into place.

Once the brows are set, you can build your perfect face palette with the Monts & Merveilles kit – a sleek and sophisticated does-it-all palette which includes your base, bronzer, blush and setting powder, for quick and easy make-up application at home and on-the-go. Available in both powder and cream textures, each shade in the Monts & Merveilles palette is also available as an individual refill, so you can top up or replace shades as and when you need to. A true working woman’s essential.

Alongside face and brow products, CHADO also has an impressive selection of lip tints, glosses, mascaras, skin care/beauty hybrids – such as the four-in-one Crème Généreuse – and tools, including make-up brushes and tweezers.

Every CHADO product is also infused with specialist stem cells sourced from Swiss apples. This active liposomal substance is included for its impressive age prevention benefits, meaning everything from your lashes to your lips will be kept looking as youthful as possible, for as long as possible.