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gloTherapeutics Calming Flower Mist - 118ml. Calming Flower Mist - 118ml gentle facial toner.
gloTherapeutics Contour Eye Lift - 15ml. Contour Eye Lift - 15ml plumps and smoothes the eye contour.
gloTherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion - 200ml. Cyto-Luxe Body Lotion - 200ml nourishes dry skin from head to toe.
gloTherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Cleanser - 130ml. Cyto-Luxe Cleanser - 130ml removes impurities while conditioning the skin.
gloTherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream - 15ml. Cyto-Luxe Eye Cream - 15ml targets the signs of ageing around the eyes.
gloTherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Light Moisture - 60ml. Cyto-Luxe Light Moisture - 60ml provides a light yet intensive moisture boost.
gloTherapeutics Cyto-Luxe Toning Mist - 118ml. Cyto-Luxe Toning Mist - 118ml a luxurious moisture-boosting toner.
gloTherapeutics Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant - 73ml. Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant - 73ml softens and smoothes sensitive skin.
gloTherapeutics Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - 147ml. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - 147ml dissolves make-up without causing irritation.
gloTherapeutics Lip Revival - 15ml. Lip Revival - 15ml plumps and hydrates the lips.
gloTherapeutics Skin Firming Cream - 50ml. Skin Firming Cream - 50ml restores a youthful plumpness to ageing skin.
gloTherapeutics Solar Shade SPF 50 - 50ml. Solar Shade SPF 50 - 50ml provides gentle broad spectrum UV protection.
gloTherapeutics Cyto-luxe Face Cream - 50ml. Cyto-luxe Face Cream - 50ml helps improve aged skin.
gloTherapeutics Phyto-Active Firming Serum - 30ml. Phyto-Active Firming Serum - 30ml targets the signs of ageing.
gloTherapeutics Brightening Polish - 50ml. Brightening Polish - 50ml exceptional repair of age spots.
gloTherapeutics Eye Restore - 15ml. Eye Restore - 15ml reduces the visibility of fine lines & puffiness.
gloTherapeutics Neck Firming Serum - 60ml. Neck Firming Serum - 60ml firms the skin around the neck area.
gloTherapeutics Purifying Mist - 118ml. Purifying Mist - 118ml prevents blemishes and balances oily skin.

About gloTherapeutics:

gloTherapeutics is a cutting edge skincare line that offers a wide selection of traditional and innovative products to make forming a comprehensive routine simple and easy.

Offering topical solutions for all skin types and all skin concerns, gloTherapeutics products promise to improve the tone, texture and behaviour of the skin through active concentrations of ingredients and beneficial formulations to transform the skin day after day.

Forming the backbone of the range are the basics; tried and trusted cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers and sunscreens all enriched with well-known ingredients such as Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, to keep the skin clean, clear and calm while essential extras such as face masks, exfoliators and eye gels take care of the more specific issues that arise throughout the month.

Recent additions to the gloTherapeutics range include the Cyto-Luxe sub-range, which focuses on plant stem cell technology and peptides to target more problematic or prolonged complexion issues such as dehydration and premature ageing. For customers who want results but feel trapped by their overly reactive skin, gloTherapeutics created a selection of products to keep sensitive complexions balanced and trouble-free including a serum, treatment cream and mask. Always right up there with new innovations and formulations, gloTherapeutics were one of the first brands to get on board with alternative yet effective products such as oil cleansers, facial essences and powder exfoliators.

By providing a complete mix of the familiar and the exciting, gloTherapeutics are the perfect skincare range for all – providing solutions for those new to skin care, those who know its benefits and those who simply love trying something new. Build your routine today!