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About Lumixyl:

Lumixyl uses a combination of revolutionary peptide technology and ingredients to create effective hyperpigmentation correcting skin care. Hyperpigmentation can take many forms and develop at any age, with the most common types being photo damage, age spots, melasma, post-acne pigmentation or uneven skin tone. Lumixyl works to even out the pigment on the surface of the skin so that it looks more uniform and healthy.

Developed by researchers at Stanford University, Lumixyl is a safer alternative to Hydroquinone based products, as it doesn’t kill the cells that create melanin in the skin. Instead it inhibits the enzyme that initiates new melanin production to prevent an over production of pigment in the skin. This means Lumixyl is suitable for all skin types suffering from hyperpigmentation as it doesn’t cause irritation or make the skin sensitive to the sun’s UV rays.

Lumixyl’s ground-breaking peptide ingredient, Decapeptide-12 is easily degraded by the skin and promises to reduce melanin synthesis by as much as 40%. Used alone, Lumixyl products can produce results in around 8 weeks, reducing the size and severity of pigmented areas. When using the complete Lumixyl system, skin tone and hyperpigmentation can begin to show improvement in as little as 4 weeks.

Unlike some hyperpigmentation products that have a limited shelf life, Lumixyl is safe to use for a prolonged amount of time and is stabilised so that it won’t lose its potency, colour or effectiveness once opened. Skin looks brighter and more even in tone along with feeling smooth and soft thanks to the luxuriously rich texture of each product.