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gloMinerals Concealer Undereye

Concealer Undereye, conceals visible imperfections.

Concealer Undereye
  • Purple - Treats Dark Circles
  • Creamy mineral concealer
  • Perfects and brightens
  • Includes two complementary shades
  • Long-wearing formula
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RRP: £22.46

Erase the tell-tale signs of a late night with the gloMinerals Concealer Undereye.

Made with rich mineral pigments and essential antioxidants, this creamy concealer provides medium to high coverage to disguise blue and purple discolouration underneath the eyes. Smooth in texture and easy to blend, it includes two shades to make it easier to create the perfect shade to effectively correct and brighten the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, pat and blend into the skin underneath the eyes after applying foundation. Mix the two colours together, use individually or layer over each other until desired coverage is achieved.

Using either fingers or a brush, blend the concealer underneath the eyes after applying foundation. For best results, mix the two colours together on the back of your hand to achieve a perfect match, use alone or layer the shade on top of one another until the desired coverage is achieved.

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