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Agera Catalase Anhydro Enzyme Gel - 60ml

Catalase Anhydro Enzyme Gel - 60ml, softens and exfoliates skin.

Catalase Anhydro Enzyme Gel - 60ml
  • Purple - Treats Acne
  • Oil-free stabilising gel
  • Decongests and exfoliates
  • Perfect for blemish-prone skin
  • Encourages dermal renewal
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Improve the texture and radiance of dull, congested skin with the Agera Catalase Anhydro Enzyme Gel.

Designed to be a stabilising product to be used alongside the Oxy Infusion Cream, it contains a Catalyse Enzyme to convert Hydrogen Peroxide (found in the Oxy Infusion Cream) into Oxygen and water on contact with the skin. This process helps to decongest clogged pores while removing dead cells and blemish-causing bacteria from the surface to maintain a brighter, healthier complexion.

Suitable for most skin types, this product works best for oily and blemish-prone skins. Apply immediately after the Oxy Infusion Cream then gently massage the two together on the skin until a light foam is created. Leave on the skin for around five minutes before rinsing with cool water.

After applying the Oxy Infusion Cream to the skin, massage this gel over the top for around 2 minutes to create a light foam. Leave on the skin for around five minutes before removing with cool water. Can be used at least once a week for best results.

Patch Test

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