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The Spoiled Mama Sitzing Pretty Post Partum Sitz Bath Tea - 5oz

Sitzing Pretty Post Partum Sitz Bath Tea - 5oz, soothing post partum bath tea.

Sitzing Pretty Post Partum Sitz Bath Tea – 6.5oz
  • Purple - Soothing Formula
  • Purple - We Love
  • Exclusive
  • Soothing bath tea
  • Encourages blood flow
  • Designed for new Mums
  • Heals and prevents infection
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For post partum use only, simply add this bath tea to your bath in the muslin bag provided. This bath tea helps stimulate blood flow which aids in the healing and soothing of the perineal area after birth and can also help fight infection.

This bath tea is made with 100% natural ingredients and is great for any new mums who have had episiotomies or tears during birth, and anyone suffering with haemorrhoids as it helps calm the skin around this area.

This product can be used to treat the perineal area directly by warming or freezing the filled muslin bag and placing directly onto the perineal area.

Do not use during pregnancy. For post partum use only.

In reusable muslin bag, add approximately one cup of Sitzing Pretty Postpartum Sitz Bath blend to six quarts boiling water, Turn off the heat. Allow it to steep for 20 minutes and add to shallow bath. Jar Includes reusable muslin bag.

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