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Purifying Cleanser - 200ml
  • Purple - Perfect For Oily Skin
  • New Packaging
  • Purple - Contains Salicylic Acid
  • Purifies and softens the skin
  • Contains Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil
  • Targets blemishes and premature ageing
  • Can be used once or twice a day
RRP: £44.00

Designed to address both breakouts and the early signs of ageing, the Purifying Cleanser from Hydropeptide is an essential step in any skin care regime.

This light, refreshing gel contains a blend of decongesting Salicylic Acid and skin-softening Mandelic Acid alongside natural antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and clarifying Peptides, to effectively rid the skin of excess oils, bacteria and debris. Antioxidant-rich extracts of Chamomile and Honey soothe and balance inflamed skin while Kaolin draws out impurities from within the pores, leaving behind a complexion that looks clearer and feels smoother.

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily skins, massage into dry skin on the face before rinsing with warm water. Can be used once or twice a day.

With damp hands, massage into dry skin on the face for around one minute before rinsing with warm water. Can be used once or twice a day for best results. Can also be used as an intensive clarifying treatment; simply leave on the skin for around five minutes before rinsing away.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

The Use of AHAs

Products containing acids can make the skin prone to dryness and sun damage, so introduce them into your routine gradually and remember to apply a sunscreen every morning to protect against UV rays.

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