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gloTherapeutics Purifying Mist - 118ml

Purifying Mist - 118ml, prevents blemishes and balances oily skin.

gloPurifying Tonic
  • New Packaging
  • Purple - Perfect For Oily Skin
  • Balances congested skins
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Ideal for oily/acne-prone skin
RRP: £23.00

Balance and soothe congested complexions with the Glo Skin Beauty Purifying Mist.

Previously known as the gloTherapeutics Purifying Tonic, this lightweight toner combines natural astringents with soothing botanical extracts to balance, hydrate, refine and purify the skin. Used after cleansing, it also helps to reduce excess sebum production and prepares the skin for the application of a serum and moisturiser.

Suitable for oily, congested and problematic skin types, lightly mist the entire face after cleansing once or twice a day for best results.

After cleansing the skin, lightly mist the entire face. Allow to sink in and apply a serum and moisturiser for best results. Can be used once or twice a day.

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